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If you are changing your putter, Why buy the same technology? We offer only one design. Why? because the rules of golf allow it. Our putters offer the most upright lie angle allowed by the rules of golf, 80°. Why is this a rule? The only answer we could come up with is, it must be easier to putt with. We designed our putter around the lie angle of the shaft. This creates the incredible balance we demonstrate in our video. Most other putters offer 71° to 75° degrees of lie angle. An upright putter gets your head over the ball and is more pendulum like. Our face balanced, center shafted, perimeters face weighted, 360 gram head weighted putter has a perfect feel. Roll in more putts, see the line better, lag closer and have more confidence over pressure putts. Don't just get a new putter, Change the way you putt. Fewer putts equal lower scores.

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What is a "Legal Limit" putter? According to rule book of the United States Golf Association, Appendix II - Design of Clubs, a legal putter "must diverge from the vertical by at least 10 degrees". The lie angle is 80°. This is one of the reasons the long putter was very popular. PGA Tour Pro, Steve Stricker, lifts the heal off the ground to make his putter more upright. Why not take advantage of our new putting revelation? Get your eyes over the ball and make more putts. Putts account for almost one third of your score. You may be ready for a change.
Our Design Aspects  Our putter design offers an 80° degree lie angle, it is face balanced, and is center shafted. You have a Choice of a custom grip, and custom fitted shaft length. Optional counter weighting with additional charge. The LLP putter distributes more weight at the heel and toe giving it a greater "sweet spot". We offer 4 degrees of loft. The Legal Limit putter complies with club requirements for PGA tour and amateur tournament play.
Why change? eyes over the ball, right arm straight. great feel! If you use a long putter and anchor, our program provides the method and equipment for you to putt better than ever while complying with the USGA rules of golf, including the no anchor rule. Rule 14-1b If you want to control your speed and direction to your full potential. On putting, "Golf my way" Jack Nicklaus.
Converting from anchoring to the legal method If you have been forced to change your putting method like PGA pros Adam Scott and Web Simpson, or you just want to stop hearing “off color” jabs from other golfers, it's time to convert to the Millamatic MethodTM putting system.  The long putter’s greater weight and length create more leverage. Not anchoring the long putter makes it more challenging to be consistent. Using our putting system creates a solid superior consistency and makes it easy not to break down under pressure.  Start sinking more putts and lower your  scores for the rest of your life.  It is rare in any sport that you can continue to get better as you get older.
The Designer's Credentials At the age of 58, Mark Milligan, the designer of the Legal Limit putter, became the only golfer in the 56 year history of the Sacramento City Putting Championship to win 3 consecutive years.  Mark is also the oldest winner. PGA great Bill Glassen was once a Sac City putting champion. Milligan’s repeat victory was covered by Sacramento Bee sportswriter Steve Pajak. (LINK TO ARTICLE).  This article highlighted how Milligan developed his program - including both the putter and the method - over nearly forty years.   With this publicity came the interest of other golfers who wanted to replicate Milligan’s success.  Our program includes the Legal Limit Putter®, custom shaft length and choice of Super Stroke putter grip. Milligan states,  "I have practiced putting since I was 18 years old, and when I started using this putter design, I got even better".
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